The Roger Bamber Research Grant

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Roger Norman Bamber (1949 – 2015) was an integral member of the Porcupine Marine Natural History Society. Roger had a passion for understanding the natural history of marine organisms, with a particular focus on morphological taxonomy. He studied many different taxa over the years, specialising in Pycnogonida and Tanaidacea but he also had strong interests in other taxa and in both community ecology and autecology.

You can find out more about Roger in PMNHS Bulletin number 4, Autumn, 2015 (Bulletin Number 4).  The Roger Bamber Research Grant aims to recognise Roger’s interest in Marine Natural History by providing a grant fund to allow individuals to conduct short projects applicable to the society’s objectives. A full list of previous awards can be seen here.

Roger Bamber Research Grant 2024

The Porcupine Marine Natural History Society is pleased to announce an opportunity to apply for funding for small research projects. Up to £1000 is available for small standalone projects to be undertaken during the 2024 field season.

Applications will be considered for any small project which falls within the objectives of the Society.

The objectives of our Society are:

  • To promote a wider understanding of the biology, ecology, and distribution of marine organisms in the North Atlantic.
  • To stimulate interest in marine biodiversity, especially in young people.
  • To encourage interaction and exchange of information between those with interests in different aspects of marine biology, amateur and professional alike.

Projects may be field-based or pursued in a laboratory or museum. The projects could vary from a detailed study of a particular taxon of interest to conservation or monitoring study of a particular site or habitat.

The purpose of any project would be to make information more accessible to the wider community, and therefore a written summary (e.g. a report for the Bulletin) of any work undertaken will be expected. The fund may be used for research costs (e.g. travel, subsistence, bench fees, consumables). We do not fund staff costs or the purchase of large items of equipment. See the Application Guidance document for more information.


Applicants should be members of the Porcupine Marine Natural History Society (you may join the society to be eligible). These grants are open to all, irrespective of employment status and experience.


The application for a grant should include:

  • Full description of the proposed project to be undertaken (<1,500 words) to include background, methods, equipment needed, fieldwork plans, specimen curation, etc).
  • Expected outputs (e.g. publications/outreach) that will result from your project.
  • Short CV detailing relevant experience or training.
  • Detailed breakdown of the way funds requested for the project will be spent.

All proposals will be assessed by an experienced panel. The Council reserves the right not to grant any projects in any one round of applications.

Applications must be submitted by 31st January 2024 – late applications will not be admitted.

Please send applications or any queries to the Porcupine Marine Natural History Society via email to: