Beccy MacDonald

Ordinary Council Member

Beccy is a passionate and enthusiastic marine conservationist and educator. Trained as a marine biologist and coastal manager and a secondary school biology teacher. Beccy’s background is varied and has included teaching coral reef ecology in Madagascar, managing and monitoring the marine and terrestrial environments as Warden on Lundy, an intertidal biotope survey for Somerset and redeveloping Shoresearch. Beccy works as a marine consultant specialising in engagement, funding, policy, and strategy (England and Wales) alongside a role as the Lead Officer for the LGA Coastal SIG supporting coastal councils across England and acting as co-secretariat for the APPG for Coastal Communities.

Beccy is also a Trustee for MARINELife, volunteer education coordinator for The Seahorse Trust and acts as the independent Chair for the Wye Navigation Advisory Committee.

Please contact Beccy through her website