Winter Dotto

Ordinary Council Member

Winter joined Porcupine just prior to the pandemic after attending the Porcupine Conference in Oban (2020). She joined the council as an ordinary member and has been helping with all things Porcupine including organising various Porcupine field trips on the Gower peninsula. Winter is a Marine Biologist, she learned to dive at university and discovered Seasearch and volunteered diving and recording for 10 years. She taught marine ecology at Dale Fort field centre and her interest in the marine environment are widespread from the intertidal to the infralittoral environment. Winter enjoys beach cleaning and has a particular interest in marine litter.

Winter works for Natural Resources Wales as a Monitoring Analysis Officer mainly dealing with data, however she is on secondment with the Joint Nature Conservation Committee working as a Wales Liaison Officer at the moment. Although her work keeps her firmly in the office, she enjoys exploring around the Gower peninsula and close by Pembrokeshire shores in her spare time.