Teresa Darbyshire

Bulletin Layout & Design

Photo credit: Amgueddfa Cymru/ National Museum Wales

Teresa Darbyshire is a taxonomist at National Museum Wales in Cardiff specialising in marine bristleworms (polychaetes) as well as looking after the marine invertebrate collections there. She is always happy to talk about worms to anyone interested and willing to listen! Teresa is also an experienced diver and loves being around or under the water looking at the varied marine life (not just worms). Often present during Porcupine field trips, she is happy to discuss fieldwork and methods for collecting and preserving polychaetes.

Teresa works with the Honorary Editor to put together the Porcupine Bulletin and get it out for the enjoyment of all members. Please get in touch particularly if you have any questions about images for articles and how to format them for publication.

e: editor@pmnhs.co.uk