Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Conference 2017

Porcupine Marine Natural History Society
Annual conference & AGM
Central theme: Marine Species Biology

Sat 11th – Mon 13th March 2017

Porcupine’s annual conference will take place over the weekend of 11th to 13th March 2017, with a 2 day conference of talks and posters on the Saturday / Sunday at Plymouth University, followed by a field meeting in Plymouth Sound on Monday 13th [low tide 0.7m @ 12:30].

The central theme for talks and posters is Marine Species Biology and the programme organiser, Jon Moore, invites talks and posters on this theme. Talks on other topics will also be considered, so please do not hesitate to make offers. Talk lengths can vary from 30 minutes to 5 minutes and the organiser will agree these with speakers in advance.

Biological Observations – a related feature of the conference will highlight interesting / unexplained / new observations of species biology and ecology, with a display board and a session of short presentations. Observations for the dedicated display board will consist of brief descriptive text and up to two photographs or diagrams. The available display space for each observation will be one sheet of A4. Observations (pre-printed or hand written) may be sent in advance or brought on the day. A selection of observations (chosen by the organisers after day 1) will then be presented in a dedicated session on the Sunday where each observer will have up to 5 minutes to describe what they have seen (remember to bring electronic versions of images or video for projection) and discuss with the audience. [For example – why would several (10+) baby starfish (Asterias rubens) position themselves upside down, mouth held outwards into water column, arms bent downwards so that tips held onto rock, on lower shore rock? Photographed 17 Oct, two sites, South Pembrokeshire].

The conference dinner will be held at the MBA on the Saturday evening.

More details and a list of talks so far will be sent out in December.
Please note that speakers and other contributors to the conference will be also encouraged to publish their papers and observations in the Society’s Bulletin.

To offer a talk, poster or observation, please contact Jon Moore on jon@ticara.co.uk or 07879 497004.

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