PMNHS Annual Field Meeting(s)

Porcupine Marine Natural History Society

Annual Field Trip Meetings 2018:

Mullet peninsula, Co. Mayo, Ireland: Field meeting

Saturday 8th to Saturday 15th September, 2018

Leader: Julia Nunn

The Mullet SAC (a relatively remote area in the NW of Co. Mayo) has been studied since the early 20th century with ad hoc visits by the University of Reading (1969-1972), Queen’s University Sub-Aqua Club and Dolphins Sub-Aqua Club (1970s-1990s) and The National Museum Wales & National Museums Northern Ireland expedition (1988). The area was surveyed by BioMar (1990s) and MERC (2008). No Seasearch expedition has yet taken place in the area.

Around 200 live species of mollusc have been found on the shores of Mullet. Necessarily this implies that the same sites will also be very good for a wide range of other marine fauna and flora. The sites are a broad range of exposures and habitats, from sand to mud to rock. The non-native species have not been specifically surveyed here; and a number of other groups are almost certainly under-recorded e.g. bryozoans.

This field meeting is a joint expedition between Porcupine Marine Natural History Society, The Conchological Society of GB & Ireland and Seasearch Ireland. The purpose of this field meeting is to introduce these shores (and some brackish loughs) to those interested, and to survey all species groups where there is appropriate experience. A Seasearch diving week is being organised in parallel with the intertidal using a local dive operator. There are also shore dives available.

The excursion is for 7 days, Saturday 8th September to Saturday 15th September inclusive. The majority of the fieldwork will be for six days from Sunday 9th to Friday 14th.

All sites are within 30mins drive time. At least one large self-catering house has been booked which will have plenty of room for participants to work on material, to get help with identifications and to socialise. Additional accommodation can be booked.

A copy of all records generated will be passed to National Parks & Wildlife Service, Dublin, and uploaded to the NBN Atlas. There are no conservation issues with this field meeting for intertidal or diving.

It is essential that all who wish to attend should let Julia know as soon as possible, as accommodation and the dive boat must be booked and deposits paid in early 2018.