New: Essential Guide to Magelonidae Taylor & Mortimer

A Porcupine Marine Natural History Society funded project (Roger Bamber Research Grant), aiming to produce visual identification guides of the Magelonidae for a broad range of users, has now been completed. The first of these guides entitled ‘Collecting Shovel Head Worms on the Shore’ was published in PMNHS Bulletin 18 in Autumn 2022 (Taylor & Mortimer, 2022), and supplementary guides on identification of UK and European species have now been completed. This set of guides aims to provide clarity for those identifying shovel head worms, a polychaete group for which identification based on morphological characters has been made difficult in the past by the variety of terms applied by different taxonomists. The set of guides is available to read and download on our projects page:

Citation: Taylor, A. & Mortimer. K. 2023. An essential guide to Magelonidae, UK and European species. Porcupine Marine Natural History Society.

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