Liz Morris-Webb

Ordinary Council Member

Liz is a wife, mum and interdisciplinary marine scientist. She can be found in, on or around the sea from her base in sunny North Wales. At 14 years old, after meeting a recent marine biology graduate who was volunteering at a seal sanctuary, she set her heart on marine biology – it sounded fabulous! Liz quickly went on to learn to dive and develop her interests in the smaller, less ‘charismatic’ species and signs of life. Liz’s interests have since adapted with her realisation that marine conservation is as much about managing people as it is the environment. After a BSc in Marine Biology, an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection and a PhD in the Human Dimensions of the Marine Environment, she has had a varied career from marine ecology as a lab taxonomist and scientific diver, to researching marine social science and environmental psychology. From ecological fieldwork to researching people’s interactions with the sea, Liz’s passions for the marine are still strong. She specialises in identification of subtidal NE Atlantic epibenthic invert species through diving and video, with hobbies of algal pressing, paddleboarding and swimming (hobbies that luckily, her son now shares too!).

Liz has been a scientific diver and Director at Marine Ecological Solutions Ltd since 2005. She also works part time as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Bangor University, researching human-marine interactions and ocean literacy to foster pro-environmental behavioural change.

Liz has been a Porcupine member since 2007 and enjoys being part of a community of like-minded marine enthusiasts that are the Porcupines, with all their interesting observations and inspiring stories. Liz is pleased to join the council as an Ordinary Member to help inspire more natural historians to share their passions and nurture their interests with the support of the Society.

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