Jon Moore

Honorary Membership Officer

Jon Moore is a marine ecologist with over 30 years’ professional research and consultancy experience.  He has run his own environmental consultancy business (CALM) since 2001 and is also a partner in the consortium Aquatic Survey & Monitoring Ltd (ASML).  He specialises in benthic community surveys (mainly epibiota), design and analysis of monitoring programmes and lots of oil spill related work which takes him to far flung places.  Taxonomically he is a generalist, with an interest in the less conspicuous groups of epifauna.  He would love to spend all his time in the field studying marine life, but actually spends most of his time in front of a computer analysing, mapping and writing about it.  He has been a member of Porcupine since he was indoctrinated by Frank Evans in 1983 and he acted as Treasurer from 1991 to 2018!