Honorary Membership Secretary Role Description

Membership Secretary

Responsible for managing the annual renewal process for all members and dealing with all new enquiries.

Main duties

  • To respond to all enquiries from potential new members in a timely manner
  • To work with the Treasurer to collect renewal membership on an annual basis from existing members
  • To send  a welcome e-mail to new members
  • To maintain an up-to-date database of members, including GDPR data where possible
  • To produce membership status updates/reports for the Council as required
  • To receive and distribute the Porcupine Bulletin twice a year
  • To ensure email mailing list is kept up-to-date for Society communications
  • To ensure copies of the Porcupine Bulletin is submitted to all legal repositories

Skills and traits

  • Excellent communication skills – verbal and written
  • Good IT skills
  • Well organised
  • Enthusiastic

Key Relationships

  • Chairperson and management committee
  • Treasurer

Time commitment

  • Attendance at Council meetings
  • Average 1 hours per week, more in January when annual memberships are due and in months when the Bulletin is distributed to members (twice a year).