Grants and Awards

The Roger Bamber Research Grant

Roger Norman Bamber (1949 – 2015) was an integral member of the Porcupine Marine Natural History Society. Roger had a passion for understanding the natural history of marine organisms, with a particular focus on morphological taxonomy. He studied many different taxa over the years, specialising in Pycnogonida and Tanaidacea but he also had strong interests in other taxa and in both community ecology and autecology.

You can find out more about Roger in PMNHS Bulletin number 4, Autumn, 2015 .  The Roger Bamber Research Grant aims to recognise Roger’s interest in Marine Natural History by providing a grant fund to allow individuals to conduct short projects applicable to the society’s objectives.  For more information and to download application guidance click here.

The Frank Evans Writing Award

Frank Evans (1926-2017) was a founder member of the Porcupine Marine Natural History Society. He was also Honorary Editor of the Porcupine Newsletter between 1981 and 1985. His first article, Marine Biological Films, was published in 1977. The Autumn 2017 Bulletin contained his last two articles – testament to his commitment and passion for the Porcupine Natural History Society, which never waned and never failed to add a “certain something” to the publication. You can find out more about Frank in PMNHS Bulletin number 9, Spring, 2018.

Frank Evans was an excellent writer, and this award recognises this. The award will be given to the writer of the best article published in the Bulletin in any single year (two issues). For more information on eligibility click here.