Frances Dipper

Frances on St Martins 11.9.10 cropped2Honorary Secretary of the Porcupine Marine Natural History Society

Frances Dipper has always loved the sea, in spite of being brought up on a farm in deepest Warwickshire. She is now a marine consultant, lecturer and author and has been studying marine life for nearly 40 years. She has dived extensively in the UK, Middle East and Far East most recently as a volunteer with the Marine Conservation Society working on coral reef survey and monitoring in the Semporna Islands, Borneo. She has run numerous expeditions and courses for divers and naturalists and has written many books on marine life and ocean environments for children and adults. In 2003 her Dorling Kindersley children’s book, ‘Guide to the Oceans’ won the Royal Society Aventis Prize for junior Science Books. Her latest book, written with photographer Paul Kay, is ‘Marine Fishes of Wales and adjacent waters’ (

Frances was PMNHS Editor for 10 years. From Newsletter Number 1 Winter 1998/1999, to Number 25 Winter 2008/09.