Craig Robertson

Ordinary Council Member

Delicious Enice norvegica!

Craig is a lecturer in marine biology at Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences, specialising in benthic ecology. More specifically, Craig’s research focuses on the macrofauna invertebrate communities, particularly in the deep ocean. As a benthic ecologist he is interested in how these ecosystems function and what drives seafloor biodiversity.

Craig has worked in a wide variety of marine habitats around the world, both within academic institutions and consultancy in offshore energy industries. Current research topics include the ecological functioning of submarine canyons and cold-water coral reefs, along continental margins.

Craig takes much pleasure in looking and talking about marine invertebrates. He cannot say what his favourite taxa group is but has a fondness for polychaetes and molluscs. There is nothing better than beetling around with a microscope in search of small things in the sediment.

Craig has been a member since his days as a benthic taxonomist and recently joined the council with an aim to strengthen links between the PMNHS, academia and the student body.