Confirmed Speakers at the PMNHS 2017 conference

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PMNHS 2017 conference line-up (so far)

Paul Naylor – the lives and times of tompot blennies, and other intriguing tales

Matt Doggett – the black bream project – studying breeding behaviour using remote cameras

Cathy Lucas – Are jellyfish blooms born of the elusive polyp?

Dave Conway – Parasites in the plankton – life cycles and adaptations

Bernard Picton – new species of nudibranchs and their food

Anne Bunker – Cladophora species and their biology

Gordon Watson – Polychaete reproductive biology

Nick Higgs – whale fall experiments and bone worms

Emma Sheehan – Lyme Bay scallops – impacts of dredging ban & storms

Francis Bunker – new species of maerl

Martin Openshaw – undulate ray project update

Mark Ward – educational advances using ICT

Porcupine field meeting to the Hebridean islands in the Staffa Archipelago

Peter Barfield – marine species biology: your recent observations

Mike Kent -Where’s Onchi? A look at the occurrence of Onchidella celtica and its role as a climate change indicator species

Andy Mackie – Hermit worms – Neanthes fucata

Doug Herdson – Anchovies and Bonitos in the English Channel

Becky Hitchin – Arctica islandica – assessing potential impacts to this slow growing bivalve

Charlotte Bolton & Paul Kay – Seasearch discoveries 2016

Emily Priestley – Porcupine field meeting to the Staffa archipelago in 2016

Nick Owen – photographing Maxmuelleria lankesteri

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